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Synarome Manufacturing .Co (Pvt.) Ltd.

Synarome is a leading Manufacturer of Flavors & Fragrances of international standards in Pakistan. With vast experience of six decades ,unrivaled knowledge of our products and constantly focusing on special requirements of our customers, Synarome has earned a leading position at home as well as internationally.

We have all the facilities, which a modern perfumery house should have, Research & Development Labs, well equipped Production & Quality Control Facilities. 

At Synarome, we believe that progress and expansion of our clientele depends upon fast development of our products to cope up with today’s rapidly changing and competitive market.

To keep peace with the trends, our creation lab always engaged in creating new products either from nature’s inspiration or on special need of a customer. We welcome the opportunity to present creative concepts as well as new products on demand. Our products are HALAL CERTIFIED and all manufacturing methods follow Halal requirements.

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